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I have known Patti Sinclair on both a professional and personal level for almost ten years. I would suspect that once you have met Patti on a professional level, it becomes a personal association too. She is lovely, funny and genuinely compassionate in each of her readings, no matter how short (gallery) or long (private session). As a spiritual event promoter, I have organized events for Patti on several occasions . Each event is always a sell out and folks come from all over New England to spend an evening with her as she channels the energy of their deceased loved ones. At one particular event, I had just renewed my commitment to my husband, Ori, after a rough period in our marriage. There was only one message that was left to come through that evening and Patti said, "Everyone needs to ask for your loved one to come through to me with conviction so that we can end our session on a high note." I said, "Dad, I REALLY need to know if my decision with Ori was a good one for us." When Patti was ready she asked, "Who wants to talk to George?" I said, "ME!!! I DO!!!" Even if Patti had not started to channel my Dad I would have known that my choice to stay with my husband was the right one, but she came over to me and said, "Your father, George has asked me to tell you that he has always loved Ori as a son." Patti had known nothing of our marriage trials, and this was SUCH a great validation! I knew, beyond measure, that I had made the right decison. Thank you, Patti!

Robin Handler-Clare

Co-Founder, Enlightened Professionals, Author and Spiritual Teacher



I first contacted Patti after my Dad passed away, as I was having a very difficult time mourning his loss. As soon as I spoke to Patti I instantly felt connected to her! My Father was "with her" waiting to talk to me. The way she described his looks, his attitude and his memories, verified that she was definitely speaking to MY Dad! I found the process very comforting. The reading allowed me to accept his "transfer" to Heaven and have confidence that he was at peace. My second reading with Patti was just after I lost custody of my children after taking a job promotion. This was an extremely difficult time for me and I didn't know how to move forward. I was heart broken. My ex husband and I had a terrible relationship and, although he didn't want full custody of our children, he did want to "punish" me for ending our marriage. My father came through in this reading and offered me some advice. That is just what he had always done here in life! He instructed me to write my ex husband a letter and ask for a compromise. He told me to move back closer to "home" so that we could share the custody of our two daughters. Dad told me that my ex was also confused and unclear on how to move on. I wrote the letter, as Dad had advised, and received a response immediately! Within two months we were back on track with a working relationship! Patti, I love you! Thank you for always bringing me constant light and love!

Denise Henderson


After losing my Mom at the age of 21, I was refered to Patti for a reading. The validation that Patti gave my family and myself was life changing. I have attended many of her workshops and trainings to help me realize my own gifts. Patti has been a spiritual mentor on my journey here. She has helped to fill a void that I have suffered ever since my Mom passed away. Patti has changed my life in more ways than one! Her compassion and humor has helped to make my Mother's passing not as painful. She is truly the most amazing spiritual medium that I know!

Kate Howe

Spritual Medium/Clinical Social Worker



​I had the honor and privilege of working with Patti Sinclair a few years ago. Her integrity and honesty with what she hears and sees leaves you feeling open hearted and tender. I felt such completion from words unsaid by loved ones. I was also gifted with additional knowledge from some of my personal guides and counselors in Spirit. This reading with Patti was very helpful as it has allowed me to move forward in becoming the person that I am today. I am truly grateful! Patti is the "real deal"!

Cynthia Olivera de Kapp

Medicinal Aromatherapist

Educational Director



​Patti has helped me to step into my God given gifts of mediumship. As an energy healer, working for the past ten years, I wanted to fully understand messages coming from Spirit. I have taken several workshops with Patti, who was able to guide me, teach me and share with me her wisdom in a loving and safe enviornment. I am so grateful for Patti in my life! I have seen her heal so many from fear and grief, whether it is a small group setting or galleries of hundreds of people. Patti truly is a healers healer!

Lisa Venn

Owner at-"All That You Are" Center for Healing

Granby, Ct.


Patti, I just wanted to send my thanks to you for such a great reading! Before we started the session, you told me that the reading may or may not change my views on the afterlife. I mentioned to you that I was coming in somewhat skeptical of the process. From the very beginning, you convinced me of your amazing abilities and in the end, the reading DID change my views and my life! You connected me to my father and many other deceased family members during our session which brought me great comfort and reassurance about my father's journey to the Spirit world. Of course the reading made me miss him all over again, listening to the things he had to say to me, but I was deeply consoled knowing that his soul was still alive in Heaven. Thank you for providing me with something that no one else ever could! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for turning me into a "Believer"! My love and best to you always!

Jen Kuo


Patti, I wanted to thank you for contacting my mother, Charlene. My reading with you was the most moving and unbelievable "thing" that I have EVER experienced! I have had readings before but nothing like this! I could really see her through your eyes and I could hear her coming through to me, as she would have, with each word you spoke. I want to thank you from the very bottom of my heart for being willing to share your gift with others. Words cannot do justice to what you gave me in the gift of our time together! Thank you again so very much! Love and light always!


Lindsey Crane


I have attended many group readings that Patti has held both large and small. She always does an incredible job of pulling in details and messages from family members back many rungs of lineage. She includes personality descriptions, details and messages that are true to the "lifetime" realities that her clients have experienced. She also, accurately, picks up on medical and health related details that were part of the end of life experience of the deceased with whom she is communicating. This information is very validating for those in the readings. Patti does a caring, detailed and professional job of delivering far more than what people have ever hoped for. Every reading that I've witnessed is truly a very poignant and enlightening experience. Patti is a wonderful soul who wishes to use her gifts in helping others reconcile with the past and set a clear course for the future. I would recommend her to anyone who desires to find peace and clarity in their lives!

Terrie Walker

Business owner/Leadership Council at Viridian Energy, Stamford, Ct.


Patti is a truly gifted medium! I had my first reading with her in 2005 and I have followed her work ever since. My first reading was so accurate and powerful that I began attending her workshops on intuition and mediumship. Over the years I have attended many of her events and have watched her read dozens of people. Her messages are always accurate and moving. The gifts that she offers to those that she is reading is priceless. Watching their emotions, as she reads them, is an overwhelming experience. You can tell that the messages are the very words and stories that they were hoping to hear from their loved ones. The messages always hit home in a way that is profound! Patti has a wonderful style of reading which always keeps the session very emotional, but she brings a certain charm along with that which keeps all of us crying and laughing the entire time! Patti has a wonderful sense of humor and a deep ability to relay compassion to those receiving the reading. I always look forward to the next event of hers that I can attend!

Karen Hermes-Lakiotis


If you know someone who has passed away and you are not sure where to turn, if

you have an empty feeling or if you just have questions that you  need answered, I highly recommend

Patti Sinclair. She has a gift of communicating with those who have passed that is like none other. The

messages  that she offers changes lives and brings a sense of peace and joy that we all deserve!

I have had the honor of experiencing her gift first hand on many

occasions. Patti is also an amazing healer and Angel Therapist (tm), actually she is an

angel herself in many eyes. Patti is not only a dear friend, but she has been a rock to

our family. When my brother was diagnosed with cancer and was going through chemo, she

brought us messages from our family members that has passed away. They assured us that my brother would recover and do better than the Doctors ever thought and he did! This gave us a tremendous amount of comfort. She taught us how to call upon our angels for protection and guidance. One of the most valuable lessons she has taught many is that, "All you have to do is ask your angels for help!" How that one lesson, alone, has changed our lives! I highly recommend meeting Patti, whether in group setting, a private reading or taking one of her many life changing classes....she will change

your life and open your eyes to a world that will amaze you!

Mary Ellen Quinn

Reiki Healer/Office Manager





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