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2023 Intuitive Awareness Training

Date : April 21 - 23, 2023

Location: Sara's Place, 17 South Main Street, Egremont, MA

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This weekend workshop is for spiritual development of all levels. During exercises, more advanced participants will be matched with others who are interested in pursuing their spiritual work intensely. The beginner will be matched similarly. We’ve been teaching this curriculum for over fifteen years and have found that the willingness of each student to learn and grow always assures a magical outcome for all in attendance! 


Workshop Schedule

Friday April 21

Registration begins at 3:00 pm. 

Light snacks and refreshments will be offered from 5-6 pm. at our venue. 

A mediumship gallery with Patti and Psychic Spiritual Medium, Kate Howe will be offered from 7:00-9:00pm. The gallery is included for workshop participants but will be open to the public, with limited seating. Tickets for those wishing to only attend the mediumship gallery will be available for sale separately.

Saturday April 22

A continental breakfast will be offered at our venue, beginning at 8:30 am. Class begins at 10:00.


Morning session will begin with a Deep Dive into the Tarot with Shawn Hollenbach. 


Shawn is excited to be sharing his love and knowledge of the tarot. Participants will pair up to practice a tarot reading guided by Patti and Shawn. 


Those willing to share the outcome of their readings will be asked to share their cards and how they felt the accuracy of their session went. These discussions during our weekend are a critical part of the takeaway for everyone.


Lunch on Saturday and Sunday is included. All food is farm to table and made with BIG love by Patti’s husband, Michael. 

*Vegetarian options will be available (as well as vegan) upon request.


Afternoon session 

Connecting with Angels and Spirit Guides with Kate and Patti.

We were born with intense connections to our angels and guides. Unfortunately these connections weaken over time. We will take a thorough look into the four primary Arch Angels, how they send messages and how we can better utilize the benefits of their love and guidance for us. Then we will make a connection to your Spirit Guides through visualization and meditation. Discussion will include, but not be limited to, how our primary spirit guides can direct us to live a more meaningful spiritual life and experience our intuitive lives more fully. The afternoon session will close with a final meditation using quartz healing sound, Reiki energy and essential oil therapy (for those who would like it). 


The afternoon session will end by 5:30 pm. Participants are welcome to join the fun that evening at “The Barn” on our venue property for dinner and musical entertainment. Or you may choose to head into nearby Great Barrington, MA, where multiple dining options are available. 


Sunday April 23


Continental breakfast will be available from 9:00 to 10:00am. Coffee/tea will be available by 8:30


Morning session- 

Intuitive Intensive 

During this two hour portion of our training  you will be asked to fully participate and connect with the intuitive mind. Using exercises in mediumship, angel card readings, intuitive communication and meditation we will enjoy an amazing experience! 

Shawn and Patti will provide support to each person or group. This part of our training is often the highlight of the Intuitive Awareness Training. 


12:30-1:30 Lunch 


Afternoon Session-

Open discussion

Questions and Answers 

Closing Guided Meditation and fire ceremony (weather permitting). 


It’s important for every spiritual seeker to understand how to best practice their own form of higher intuition. The afternoon allows us to connect with ourselves, and each other, on the deepest level. 


Our “goodbyes” will be held outside by the fire as we connect to the Earth, our guides, angels and departed loved ones. 


The weekend training will conclude between 3:30 and 4:00 p.m.

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A little about our guests!
Kate Howe 


Kate Howe, The CT Medium, is known nationally for her gift of connecting with those who have crossed into spirit. Kate has been studying Professional Mediumship and Angels since the crossing of her late mother in 2003. She was a student n the very first Intuitive Awareness Training where Patti singled her out as having a remarkable ability to channel the angels and deceased loved ones. Kate has seen spirit since childhood, but felt compelled to bring her gifts to a greater audience knowing others could be helped from her story. Kate's passion for her work derives directly from the loss felt in her heart after her mother’s passing to cancer. Kate and Patti are both excited to share the mediumship “stage” together for this IAT. (Intuitive Awareness Training). Kate has been featured on TLC's hit show, 90 Day Fiancé,


Shawn Hollenbach 


Shawn Hollenbach is a comedian, storyteller and songwriter who has shared a magical story in 'The Mortified Guide' currently on Amazon Prime. As a student of Patti Sinclair, Shawn is making spiritual discoveries leaning into intuition after years of being introduced to Tarot by many but most importantly, his sister. Shawn is excited to be sharing his knowledge for the first time as a “teacher” during this Intuitive Awareness Training.


For more information on Patti, please click here
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The Early Bird pricing of $750 ends on March 15.

Payment may be made in full or broken up into 3 equal installments of $250 each.

Latecomer pricing is $850 and may be divided into two payments, with the final payment due on April 15. 

Registration is a two step process:

1. Complete the registration form below

2.  choose a payment option from below and complete payment.



To make payment in full, please click on the buy ow button below.

To make an installment payment of $250, please use click on the buy now button below

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