About Patti

When my husband (Michael) and I talked about starting a company that would provide spiritual training and seminars to people searching for more out of life, we thought for only just a minute about what to call the business…The name Within Reach popped into my head, as if whispered to me by an angel, and Michael agreed right away that the name was a fit.


It’s hard for us to think of what we do as a business because we feel that the clients and students that we have met over the years are more like friends and family to us. The mission that we have for Within Reach is to touch the lives of people everywhere in such a way that they will forever feel changed. I know that that sounds like big shoes to fill but we count on the energy of God to help us with that part.


We hold trainings in mediumship, angels and intuitive awareness several times a year at different locations. We also do day long workshops and gallery events. We host other healing facilitator’s in areas such as Reiki training, hypnosis and past life regression just to name a few. There is such a need for spiritual understanding of who we truly ARE. Our hope is that these workshops open people up to a new understanding of themselves and their spiritual selves.


For many of us it is difficult to imagine where our deceased loved ones “are” given that they don’t live in a physical body any longer. We spend hours and hours worrying about their whereabouts and if they are “alright”. Those that I communicate with on the other side remind me on a daily basis that although they no longer live a life the way they did here on Earth, their life is still very REAL. They do things that bring them joy and never have to worry about things that are all too human any longer. They remind me to tell you that they are living a life in Heaven, but that they are always Within Reach.


Our prayer and intention is that through the workshops, weekend events and gallery style readings that we offer, you will gain a greater understanding of the love of God and the reality of Heaven.