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  • How many people can come to a reading?
    The best readings are one on one. If you come with someone else I cannot be sure that each person will get the same amount of time with their loved ones. If you are siblings searching for your parent etc. then coming together is fine. If you want to come with a friend, and you are not looking for the same people in Spirit, you may leave disappointed. I offer family readings and group readings for eight people. The fee is much less than a private session and is often a good way to get your “feet wet” with mediumship. Michael will be more than happy to guide you in making the best decision.
  • How do I know that it is really my loved one coming through?
    Only you can be the judge of the evidence provided to you by a medium. The names and information brought through your loved one by the medium should have a 75% (if not higher) accuracy rate, and their should be a substantial amount of very specific evidence that allows you to know, without hesitation, that you are visiting with your loved one. Although it is my intention to bring through those loved ones that you are most hoping to connect with, I cannot promise who will provide a message. Sometimes a person who was very loud and outgoing in life is quiet in Spirit and vice versa. It is also quite possible that people that you have NOT even thought about will make their presence known..(ie. your hairdresser’s Mother who recently passed, your old girlfriend from high school who passed in a car accident or your Great Aunt Ethel who passed when she was twenty!) I believe, with my whole heart, that those who are meant to come through will come through. You should never settle for information that is vague and generic when sitting with a medium. That is not a professional session. The session usually comes full circle, and by the time we are done, we understand “most” of what your loved ones were trying to relay to us. A good mediumship session takes effort from both parties and should leave you feeling uplifted and healed in many ways.
  • How long have you known you could do this?
    This is, by far, the most common question that I hear in my office. I wish that there was an easy answer. I feel that I was born to be a medium, but that it was a gift that presented itself to me over time. I had a deep sense of spirituality ever since I was a little girl. I was raised as a Roman Catholic, and I have vivid memories of praying on my knees in church, laying in bed with a strand of Rosary beads in hand and reciting prayers during the day in my head in Kindergarten..Sounds a little like obsessive compulsive disorder, doesn’t it? I guess that I just longed for the energy that I remembered deep within my soul to be REAL.. I longed for Heaven, God and the angels. Fast forward many years to a trip that I took when I was in college to study World War II and the Protestant Reformation. I was at the Dachau Concentration Camp, in what was then still East Germany. I was sitting alone in the main quad of the camp when a girl named Elsa showed herself to me from beyond the veil. We had a nice “chat” as far as chatting with someone who’s been “dead” for over forty years goes. The words that she shared with me changed the way that I felt about almost everything. *You will learn more about Elsa, and that day in Germany, in my first book, A Happy Medium. I won’t bore you with all of it here. I put her words, and that experience, in a back pocket for many years. When my sister, Lisa (Lassie), began to study energy healing in the late 90′s, I was drawn quickly back into my deep sense of longing for the energy of the spirit world. I began to study the chakra system with a dear friend named Nini Gridley. My work in Nini’s class allowed my gifts to find a porthole through which they could finally shine the light that had been tamped down for so long. I was, and still am, deeply grateful for that class and the blessings it brought to my life. Shortly after graduating from Nini’s class, our country faced one of the worst tragedies that we have ever known in September 11. In the days after that, I was inundated with messages from people who had passed away. I knew that there was nothing left for me to do but to “come out of the spiritual closet” and offer the world the gift that God had given me. I studied with Doreen Virtue PhD., and was able to deepen and enhance my inherant ability to hear the voice of those in Spirit. I am humbled by my work as a professional medium on a daily basis. Although it is not always an “easy” line of “work”, it is a life path that brings me unimagineable satisfaction and joy.
  • Can I sit with someone just to support them or take the notes but not pay?
    Unfortunately, the answer is no… I can’t tell the other side that you are just there to support etc. The person who has paid for the session is the only one that can sit with me in the office. You are more than welcome to bring someone to the reading and wait in the outer office or shop around town etc. until the session has ended.
  • Do you have any kind of disclaimer statement?
    We do offer a disclaimer and it reads as follows: Patti Sinclair is a professional spiritual medium. The information that she provides can, in no way, be substituted for the professional advice that one might seek from a medical doctor or trained, professional counselor. During a reading information may come to light that discloses facts about the client and/or the deceased. Patti is, in no way, responsible for action that a client may take due to information they have learned during a session. All the information that comes through to Patti must be filtered by the client. Mediumship is not meant to be a means of learning where lost or stolen items might be or if someone was right or wrong in a legal matter. The purpose of mediumship is to reunite a living person with someone/pet ,in Spirit, who is dear to them. Should you find yourself in need of professional advice from legal counsel, medical help or psychiatric counseling, we suggest that you seek a professional that comes highly recommended.
  • What should I do to prepare for a reading?
    (This is a LONG one…) It is best to come to a reading with an open mind. Although healthy skepticism is a part of how we think, if you come to a reading with a doubting mind and a closed heart, there is no way that I can guarantee that the reading will go well. The other side does not feel that they have a point to prove and neither do I. I am here to provide you with the most accurate reading that I can, but I am not here to be “right”. I am here to be a blessing to you. I cannot promise that all of the information that comes through during our time together will make perfect sense to you that day. Sometimes it takes days, months and even years for us to fully comprehend what someone on the other side was trying to relay to us that day. Those in Spirit do not care that you have paid for the reading and set time aside to come, they only care about the connection. If they sense that you are irritated, in doubt, or extremely nervous they may pull away from me. They do not want to bother or upset you. The emotions listed above may cause them to feel that you are not ready to communicate with them. Obviously, we don’t want this to happen. By calming your mind with the use of prayer and meditation, prior to the reading, you will allow room for a clear channel of communication to take place. *This does NOT have to be anything elaborate.* Just telling your loved ones that you are preparing for the session and that you love them is enough. Although I do not look at pictures of your loved ones in advance of the reading, you may wish to collect pictures or items and bring them along with you to the office. If you are having a phone reading, you can place these items on a table near the phone you will use for the session.In doing this you bring attention to the energy that surrounds all of your memories and your loved ones “see” this. Although I enjoy seeing pictures after the reading is over, it is by NO means necessary that you bring these items along.
  • Do people who take their own lives go to Heaven? Can they come through during a session?
    The great channeled energy known as “Abraham” brought through by world renowned Hay House author, Esther Hicks, tells us that ALL death is a form of “suicide” because each and every soul decides on its’ own when to cross. This is a hard nut to swallow for many people who have rigid religious ideas about death and suicide. I don’t have enough page space to go into my views on that here but I would like to say this: God is an ALL LOVING energy that sees NO boundaries between one passing and another. If your life was causing you so much distress that you found yourself wanting to end it, then it only makes spiritual sense that once you enter into Heaven, you are warmly and lovingly greeted by realms of angels and the loving force of Creator. You are HOME~You are SAFE~You are FREE I can say that some energies that take their lives suddenly do “sleep” for longer than other spirits. Once in Heaven they realize the pain and anguish that they have caused those on Earth, and they take time to work through all of that pain with counselors on the other side. I know that much of what I am saying sounds WAY out there, but this is the world that I communicate with everyday and this is how the facts are presented to me. Others may feel differently and I support that. I have been able to successfully channel many people who have taken their own lives, whether it be driving drunk, smoking four packs of cigarettes a day for years, or by gunshot etc. All of these stories look like “suicide” to the person who becomes enlightened by Heaven’s grace. Please don’t EVER wonder or worry about your loved one. Heaven is filled with an unconditional love that is ineffable to our human mind!
    Payments are made to the office in advance of the reading to secure your space on the schedule. Payments are ONLY returned to the client if the appointment is canceled with a 72 hr. advance notice because the client does NOT wish to move forward with his or her session. Should something arise that prevents you from coming, or being available for your session, your payment will be held and your reading will be rescheduled at a time that is convenient to both parties. Gift certificates are non-refundable. Barter agreements made with Patti may NOT be exchanged for cash. Payments are not returned in the event that an appointment needs to be rescheduled. Every effort will be made to get you into the office as soon as a convenient appointment time is available. If a client should find themselves unhappy with the reading as it is progressing, they need let Patti know within the first 30 minutes of the session. If this should occur a full refund will be made as soon as the office can process the return and the session will come to an end. No additional information may be asked of Patti once the client chooses to end the session. I look forward to meeting with you and in the meantime, I wish you and your family the blessings of a million angels!
  • Can I tape the session?
    You are welcome to record your session on your phone or any device of your choice. In order to protect the privacy of everyone involved, group sessions should not be taped.
  • If I have lost a child should I come to a group reading or a private session?
    The loss of a child is something that no one should have to go through, and yet people have been suffering that loss for lifetimes. If you find yourself walking this very difficult road, I feel that it is always best to sit with a medium alone or with immediate family. It is too difficult to share your emotions in front of a group or gallery full of on lookers.If you would like to come with your spouse, or other parent to the child, (ie. if you are divorced, but would still like to sit together for a session), the fee is just $250 for both of you. *Please refer to the pricing page on this site.This is also the ONLY exception that I make in allowing two people to sit together for a phone session.*
  • Should I eat before the reading? Can I bring a coffee with me?
    I know that these may seem like silly questions, but many people ask me and so I would like to take the time to address it here. Yes, you should eat before a reading so that your mind is not wandering because your belly is growling and also so that you feel grounded. An empty stomach will take your mind elsewhere and make you anxious to hurry the reading along. If you are coming directly after work, you may want to pack a banana, some crackers or a protein bar. If you have a morning or mid day appt. be sure to have some breakfast. A lot of our clients like to go out for a bite to eat after a group reading and we always have a list of special places that we like to send them. Just remember that an empty stomach adds to forgetfulness. Mediumship takes energy from both of us so scramble those eggs and pack a snack! About the coffee…As we all know, coffee is a stimulant, so if you are exhausted after working a long day before your appointment, or you have scheduled something with me first thing in the morning, then I think the coffee is a fine idea if it is already a part of your routine. However, if you have been drinking caffeinated drinks(sodas, teas etc.) all day long, it may impede your energy. On a reading day, have a couple of cups and then switch to water! Remember, hydration helps!
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