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These past few months have taken many people off track. When life presents difficult circumstances that steal our power we are often left feeling helpless. The human mind is built to solve problems but the spiritual mind is built to adapt to them. When we are anxious we often succumb to these difficulties instead of working through them. When we are challenged in ways that are unfamiliar we falter. We find ourselves at the mercy of our ego. Perhaps it's time to turn that around!


If you are feeling any (or all) of these "symptoms" it will benefit you to schedule a Life Path Session....

  • Disconneted from your purpose
  • Questioning your choices/trouble making decisions
  • Frustrated with yourself and those closest to you
  • Discouraged easily and more than usual
  • Angry or depressed without knowing, exactly, why
  • Deeply emotional/crying easily
  • Feel as if you have nowhere to turn and no one who relates to you
  • Anxious, more than usual about what the future holds

Life Path Sessions are one hour long and may be purchased, at a discount, in groups of three. We suggest you arrange a way to record your session (s) or take copious notes.

The Life Path Sessions are conducted via Zoom link or FaceTime (for Iphone users).

This session will help you to -

  • Gain perspective surrounding your current challenges
  • Develop a plan for reengaging  in the activities and mind sets that bring you joy and productivity.
  • Create a strategy to build up your confidence in yourself and also deepen your faith in humanity and a Higher Source (God) energy. 

Life Path Session

  • Payments are made to the office in advance of the reading to secure your space on the schedule. Payments are ONLY returned to the client if the appointment is canceled with a 72 hr. advance notice because the client does NOT wish to move forward with his or her session. Should something arise that prevents you from coming, or being available for your session, your payment will be held and your reading will be rescheduled at a time that is convenient to both parties. Gift certificates are non-refundable. Barter agreements made with Patti may NOT be exchanged for cash.

    Payments are not returned in the event that an appointment needs to be rescheduled. Every effort will be made to get you into the office as soon as a convenient appointment time is available. If a client should find themselves unhappy with the reading as it is progressing, they need let Patti know within the first 30 minutes of the session.

    If this should occur a full refund will be made as soon as the office can process the return and the session will come to an end. No additional information may be asked of Patti once the client chooses to end the session.

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